Craftsmanship and quality

With the skilled craftsmanship that we have fostered with every new staff member and our constantly updated technical expertise, we at PR Group Italia have been producing gypsum plaster decorations and a wide variety of paints and coatings for forty years, using the best choice of materials, proud to contribute to the preservation of an ancient craft that is absolutely ecofriendly and that helps to colour and embellish our customers’ homes around the world. We strive to put our artistry and our experience at the service of professionals – designers, architects, contractors – and final customers alike, from the first idea of the project to its completion, both with our ready-made production and with customised solutions: let us lead you through our choice of colours and moulded designs and we’ll turn your world into a work of art.

Let there be light!

With LiteArt™ we bring gypsum into the light, or rather, we bring light into gypsum.
And we are the only ones who do it.
It’s simple yet ingenious: gypsum frames the light and shapes its glow. Striking and evocative, LiteArt backlit panels make the walls gleam and their colours vibrate. Clustered or spaced out and interspersed with solid modules, LiteArt backlit modular gypsum panels add a distinctive fashionable touch to any room.  Whether tamed with soft neutral tones or enhanced with confident chromatic boldness, their subtle yet assertive elegance captivates the eyes and the soul.
LiteArt gypsum panels are a versatile medium of style. Either in the solid or in the backlit versions, LiteArt panels turn every wall into its décor and can be redefined ad lib with a coat of paint – and the RAMA paints colour spectrum will be there to inspire any new mood.

Turn your house into a statement

Make the appearance of your home speak your taste. Let its decor express your elegance. Artex is all you need. Artex water-repellent strengthened gypsum mouldings inspire you as you design the exteriors of your home and, once in place, their timeless style will delight you and the ones around you. Artex creations combine artistry and a thorough knowledge of materials. Over four decades of crafting moulds and producing gypsum plaster decorations have given us the know-how to produce a completely environmentally-friendly gypsum mixture that dries into water-repellent,strengthened gypsum plaster ready to withstand weathering and humidity through the years.
Art is our heritage and craftsmanship is our vocation, that’s why we make everything you need to decorate your world – and the final result will leave you and the ones around you speechless.