Be original

A depositary of the ancient craft of moulding gypsum for over four decades, PR Group Italia has created LiteArt™, a series of 3D solid or backlit modular gypsum panels that complete the range of interior decorating solutions we offer and celebrate our forty years in business.

Through time, at PR Group Italia we have mastered the manufacturing process of gypsum plaster, a natural, sustainable and eclectic material that has been a staple of architectural decoration for centuries, and have been exploring new ways of exploiting its immense æsthetic potential.

With LiteArt we take a step further and bring gypsum into the light, or rather, we bring light into gypsum.
And we are the only ones who do it.

It's simple yet ingenious: gypsum frames the light and shapes its glow. Striking and evocative, LiteArt backlit panels make the walls gleam and their colours vibrate. Clustered or spaced out and interspersed with solid modules, LiteArt backlit modular gypsum panels add a distinctive fashionable touch to any room.  Whether tamed with soft neutral tones or enhanced with confident chromatic boldness, their subtle yet assertive elegance captivates the eyes and the soul.

LiteArt gypsum panels are a versatile medium of style. Either in the solid or in the backlit versions, LiteArt panels turn every wall into its décor and can be redefined ad lib with a coat of paint – and the RAMA paints colour spectrum will be there to inspire any new mood.

With a flowery motif or with a wave, in pure slanted white or woven like a spider web, alternating concave and convex bands, the designs of LiteArt modular gypsum panels will bring out the decorator in you, and this time you can even give in to the DIY urge, it's quick and easy: LiteArt comes in a smart sturdy package containing all you need to mount the panel to the wall, instructions included.

Get inspired: PR Group Italia's own unique LiteArt backlit modules, along with their solid counterparts, will show that you have chosen the avant-garde of interior design to cast light on your world.