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Colorificio RAMA

For forty years, at PR Group Italia we have been manufacturing water-based paints and coatings for interiors and exteriors with one goal in mind: turning our customers' houses into homes. That's why we have been selecting and blending pigments and resins that comply with healthy living and have the least impact on the environment, all while guaranteeing high-quality performance. We keep one eye on fashions and one on innovations to predict trends and always be ahead of the curve. Unceasingly inspired by the art that surrounds us, we have conceived our own colour mixing system and, as well as offering a huge variety of shades in our colour palette, we can match any tint that our customers require.

So, choose the colour for your walls and design the mood of your home. Warm, welcoming, joyful, smart, sophisticated, elegant, cool: the nuance you select for the background will embrace you and yours every time you cross your threshold. From the relaxing charme of iridescent pastel shades to the shocking glamour of bold assertive hues, the RAMA colour palette will help you set the ambience that will be there to remind you that you are finally home.

Select the coating and surround yourself with textures that define your space with unmistakable individuality. Lustrous and marmoreal or matt and sandy, smooth like satin or coarse like canvas, your walls will mirror your soul.

Tactile and chromatic emotions, that's the essence of PR Group Italia's Colorificio RAMA paints and coatings.