Be artistic


Whether you dream of a series of abstract bas-reliefs to dance on your screen-wall, or a three-dimensional fret to climb with your staircase and mirror the handrail, or even a ceiling that blooms with rosettes that conceal a host of lamps – anything you can imagine to decorate your living space – PR Group Italia can mould it out of gypsum plaster.

And you will love it.

Gypsum plaster is the new frontier of Interior Design: irreverent yet elegant, witty but simple, versatile, surprisingly original and fun, easy to install, gypsum plaster is a decorative material that can be reinterpreted endlessly to smarten any environment, to decorate and personalise any living or commercial context, and to add a touch of flair wherever it is required.

With Artegesso, PR Group Italia reinvents gypsum plaster, a classic with infinite decorative potential. Artegesso mouldings, figurines, corbels, columns, frets, rosettes and rosaces, bas-reliefs, lamp housings and even bricks become necessary style details that define the personality of every room using an inexpensive, eco-friendly material. Modern or classical, minimal or elaborate, Artegesso creations will set the ambience and give it an unforgettable character.

Artegesso creations will renew the paradigms of modern living and will thrill the most daring and visionary spirits, without losing sight of functionality and environmental sustainability: each decoration is carefully handcrafted with alabaster gypsum and is easy and clean to install.

Let Artegesso give shape to your dreams – they will come true.


Turn your house into a statement. Make its appearance speak your taste. Let its decor reveal your elegance. It's easy with Artex. Artex water-repellent strengthened gypsum mouldings inspire you as you design the exteriors of your home and, once in place, they will delight you with the admiration you receive from friends, neighbours and even the occasional passer-by.  

Artex is PR Group Italia's gypsum plaster design collection for exteriors, which branches out from Artegesso, our comprehensive catalogue of decorative plaster mouldings for interiors. Over four decades of crafting moulds and producing gypsum plaster decorations and continuously renewing our knowledge and methods to remain at the state of the art in the field have brought us the know-how to produce a completely environmentally-friendly gypsum mixture that dries into water-repellent, strengthened gypsum plaster ready to withstand weathering and humidity through the years.

Artex creations are the timeless result of artistry paired with a thorough knowledge of the materials employed. Friezes, cornices, corbels, metopes, trygliphs, high and bas-reliefs, studs, lintels, pillars, columns, capitals, bases: all the decorative elements that architecture has adopted through the centuries are proposed either as classical interpretations or as contemporary versions with a modern flair. And anything that does not appear in the catalogue can be moulded on request, whatever the size: we at PR Group Italia take great pride in accommodating and fulfilling all of our customers' needs.

Art is our heritage and craftsmanship is our vocation, that's why we make everything you need to decorate your world with Artex creations – and the final result will leave you and the ones around you speechless.