Since it was founded in 1975, Colorificio Rama has grown and evolved to accommodate and even anticipate the requests of its customers and of the market. The manufacture of gypsum plaster mouldings had been added to the production of paints and coatings shortly after the opening and, slowly but surely, through the years new lines have been created and new markets opened. With the introduction of LiteArtâ„¢, the new line of modular backlit or solid gypsum plaster panels, the variety of gypsum-based products that the company manufactures is far too wide and important for it to be marketed under the brand name Colorificio Rama. That is why, from now on, Colorificio Rama will only identify the production of paints, coatings and related items within a more complex corporate structure that will be operating as a whole under the comprehensive name of PR Group Italia.